25. Oktober 2023 peter minichmayr


Frachtmeister International has announced that Ladislav Urban is to step down from his position as general manager.

    Ladislav UrbanThe Frachtmeister Board has decided to close its operation in Czechia (Czech Republic), merging the business with its operation in Hungary under the name of Frachtmeister International kft. The change took effect on 1 October.  After that date the company has asked for all sales-related questions or rate requests for Czechia or Hungary to be sent to Janos Penzes at  janos.penzes@frachtmeister.com. Frachtmeister International Slovakia will also close but merge with Frachtmeister International Austria and run under Frachtmeister Internatinal GmbH. The main contact will be Christian Zwinz, christian.zwinz@frachtmeister.com. The legal closure period will take until the end of 2023 so, until that time, Ladislav will be available to handle questions relating to ongoing work at ladislav.urban@frachtmeister.com. Ladislav Urban had a major role in building up and shaping Frachtmeister International Group with Peter Minichmayr, Christian Zwinz and Janos Penzes.  Janos, CEO of Freightmeister Hungary, said that the structural change will help clarify  the relevant contacts within the organisation.  “We wish Ladislav all the very best with his career change,” he said.  
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